Finished my Portfolio Project. Need feedbacks

Hi, i just finished my personal project finally and would like some feedback from you guys

Looks nice. It has a clean layout and is very easy to navigate. There are a few changes I think I’d make:

  1. It might look a bit nicer if the portfolio images were centered (on both the large- and small-screen views).
  2. Right now, clicking on the picture of your tribute page doesn’t do anything. It would be nice if clicking on the image actually took me to that project.
  3. The image of your tribute page is actually kind of squashed into the upper right corner of its “box”… It might be worth taking the time to tweak things so that it looks a bit neater.
  4. The “about-me” paragraph would look better vertically centered in its box.

Overall, though, the portfolio looks really good. The only other thing that stood out to me was that it was a bit weird to have “buttons” (which change appearance on mouse-over but then don’t actually do anything) heading each section. Maybe taking off the mouse-over effect would make them less confusing. (Or, if you want to have them do something, you could make them work like the nav buttons, sliding that section to the top of the screen.)

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Ok thank you so much. I will get to that.
but first… the portfolio images… do mean their position in their boxes or on the page as a whole?

I will make these changes before I submit them :wink:

what about now

One small thing: your images in the portfolio section still have 90 degree corners, but the wrappers with the borders have rounded corners. You can see the images poking intro the rounded parts.

I also couldn’t get your menu to drop down on mobile.

Other than that, it looks pretty clean and organized. Good work!

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The centering? I meant the way the boxes are laid out on the page. There’s the four boxes, and then extra white space on the right side of the screen. (The way that the images fit into the boxes looks much better, now, btw.)

ok. i will try to center that div