My portfolio. Need feedbacks

Link -

Feedbacks are appreciated.

I like it! Looks good.

Great job!

What I like:

  • the blurry code background looks nice, I also like that it’s fixed
  • picture with your name and profession, I think it goes nicely with the background
  • the positioning of your skills, I like that one is like in front of those other two and also they have good contrast on that gray background
  • good choice of colors

What I would change:

  • the heading “My portfolio” looks the same as headings of projects, maybe put bold or uppercase
  • the project pictures are bit too small, I also don’t like that they are inside the gray box
  • check it out button, I would remove it and just make the whole project like a link so that person would click on the project
  • I would also add contact

Otherwise, very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you for feedback!
Really, your “chage” recomendations was really useful, I already change font suze of headers and remove button. Project pictures are really small, i think, i will replace it in future.
Thanks again!