Project feedback for portfolio

I have my basic information done. I need feedback. My links do not work and I do not like the look of my portfolio section.

hey. its coming along good. i think you might want to consider an alternative to having those codepen embeds so big. maybe a thumbnail that is also a link? then someone could see a spread of all your work and pick which one to check out.

the pic is good.
this list of skills could be spruced up a little maybe some icons. i found this place it is totally awesome
i put their icons in my portfolio(which i am also working on) here

this is the third try at a portfolio for me. i ended up coming back to it after i got a little more skilled. but the first two were good practice. personally i think it comes too early…if u do check out my portfolio…that pic of me rock climbing is just a placeholder til i get one of me doing something normal…good luck

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Thanks for the feedback. I will finish it up this evening. This is my first portfolio. I will definitely come back later when my skills are better to make changes.