My second project: Portfolio I would appreciate any feedback Guys

Hello, I’m a new member of FCC, i started last nov 5, and just finish doing my portfolio i spend doing it for 4 days lol :grin::grin::grin: the div really confuse me hehehe
im stuck on design/style lol hehehe
I would appreciate any feedback :wink::wink::wink:

Hey there,

Good job, it looks nice and here are few things that’ll make it even better.

Change the font color in your image captions.
Try replacing the contact form with information in plain text, it’s not functional and the submit button leads to another page with a 404 error.
It’s missing the skills set section.
Reduce margins and center the icons on bottom.

Also if you could post the link to your project like this, the platform here will not embed it so it’s easier for people to see.
Link =>

thanks for the feedback