Check My Portfolio Project

Hey Guys,
I just completed this challenge.
Please take a look at my portfolio page. Any feedbacks are welcome.
Link :

Good work! Only thing I would correct is to add padding here and there for ex. in fields in contact form and below Submit button. Also try to add more margin between social icons.

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nice work, keep it up!

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Looks great! I like the bright images you chose.

It doesn’t have anything to do with coding, but I noticed a few English mistakes. I realise English may not be your first language, but employers sometimes notice those soft skills…you may want to have a friend edit for you. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks @absnt0 . I will work on this ASAP.

Thanks for the feedback @RSaeki . Unfortunately, I learned English as a second language. I am still working on it. Thanks for the advice I’ll get it reviewed then.

Cool layout. I like your portfolio page a lot. The color scheme used is very easy and inviting on the eyes.

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Thank you @fmunir013! I chose this color scheme after reading a bit about color palettes.