Personal Portfolio- Please provide feedback

Hello Everyone,

Finally I completed my Personal Portfolio Page. Really appreciate your feedbacks…

Here is the link



Hi @nirmala, you need to provide a link for us to see your portfolio if you want some feedback!

Sorry… I have updated the link now… thanks for your time…

Hello @nirmala it looks lovely, but allow me to point some things out.

  1. The “Get in touch” section’s image is bigger than the browser window resulting in a horizontal scroll which is unnecessary.

  2. When the width of the window is smaller than 675px the nav links overlap the logo which makes them hard to read/click. you should check that.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but the font style & color of the links in “Get in touch” section is hard to read / uncomfortable to the eyes

  4. in the “project portfolio” section white text on such bright background color isn’t a good color contrast making it hard to read as well. You can refer to to check color contrast for readability you should have 7:1 contrast ratio for normal text.

  5. I’d recommend giving the “Show All” link some effect to draw the attention to it as I missed it when I first scrolled through the page.

But all in all it’s a great portfolio and you did such a great job! :star2:


Hello… First of all I am very thankful for the detailed feedback. I really get confused in background and foreground color selection and I will go through the link provided. All of your points seems valid and really thanks for taking your time to point out. It is is really helpful to beginner like me to improve.
I will soon make the changes and update the project.

Hi @nirmala! I like your portfolio, I think you have done a good job on your project, congratulations!:clap::clap:

As suggestions for improvement:

  • Regarding the design, I share the comments of @NN_J , making sure that all the texts on the page have a good contrast is important. Not only for design reasons, but also to improve readability and accessibility.

  • Regarding the code, the project only passes 9 of 12 tests.

  • At the level of the HTML code you have some minor errors, I attached a screenshot of the Codepen inspector:

  • With the Codepen CSS inspector you can also detect 1 error:

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle:

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In regards to the 5th point, it should probably be linked to your personal dashboard. The link you have it set as now is just the generic dashboard URL and will go to the dashboard of whatever user is signed in on that laptop, not a full list of your projects.

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Hello Marta Fagundez,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation and valuable suggestions. As per your and @NN_J s suggestion, I have corrected the look and feel.
Unfortunately, the test suit run is not executing and hence unable to validate the code. I have reported it for further assistance.
Thanks for the encouragement for a newbie.


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Hi… Thanks for pointing out. I have rectified that…

Looks much better! Congratulations.:clap::clap:

Regarding the 3 tests that the project has not yet passed, the 3 have to do with the User Story # 1. Check that detail and you will pass the other tests too!:muscle::wink: