Hey guys please give a look to my new portfolio project



Visually, I like everything except the rotating icons under “Skills”. Not only should you kill the rotation, but you should add some text to that page too, detailing your skills and where you’ve applied them.

Your “about” section tells me you’re a gamer, but not much about your web development expertise.

In the “contact” section, you should make your email a mailto: link.

The tilted “K” in the upper-left corner should be a link back to the home section, as that’s the idiom most people expect for an upper-left icon.

Thank you Chuck I will do that

Change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the project tiles. I didn’t realize that you could view more info on each project til I said “Hmm what if I clicked on that…”. Don’t make the user guess ;).

Hey, thanks @Ducky. I think it is one of the important things from user aspects. I will correct that.

I think you misspelled Gmail in your contact section

Full Stack Web Develeoper

You spelt Developer wrong on your front page.

The portfolio is really nice, but the boy is a bit bothering just standing there staring at you.
I would suggest you put the About and Home pages together. The animations are really nice! I love them! Maybe add some color to the background.

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This is just pure opinion my friend.

  1. Your project cards have different sizes. I think they should all be the same size.
  2. Visually speaking, I am not a fan of the thick white border when hovering the project tiles because the background is already white.
  3. You have a lot of projects, how about putting a few of just your best work?
  4. The letter in the logo looks off center within the circle. I say put it in the center of the circle. How about 2 letter ‘K’ for the logo or ‘KKS’ as a logo?

Your contact page in regards to the resume, which I believe is a link does not link to anything, which is slightly disappointing.

Nice design. I’d add links from skill to specific portfolio projects - this will show your skill more clearly. For portfolio items I’d add tech stack in description.

Thanks guys I tried to improve according your feedbacks.