Updated Portfolio page - please review =)

Hi all,

I’ve updated my portfolio.

Old link: https://codepen.io/AvanthiK/full/eYYgRVO

New link: https://codepen.io/AvanthiK/full/GRRwQMO

Let me know what you think.


Hi @Avanthi!
I think it has been a GREAT improvement! Congratulations :clap::clap:

What is not clear to me is the purpose of the large images that overlap the set of thumbnails (HTML & CSS section and Javascript section)…:thinking: what do you want to achieve with them?

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle:


I was trying incorporate the word “build” into that section, so it would be “design” “build” “create”. The overlapping images is my way of trying to practice and add something different. The images are sort of like a pull back the curtain kind of thing, sort of a ta-da!

Thanks for the review =)

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I agree, great improvement! I can understand the “pull back the curtain” thing you are going for, but it seems a little clunky. Perhaps, a pop-in for the individual projects windows instead? Using BounceIn animation, and some delays for each to give it a cascading effect.

Example (the text “Bounce-in css animation”): https://codepen.io/codeams/pen/IuGxn

Either way, great work.

Hey Avanthi,

I like it, great work.

Some ideas:

  • the “MY PROJECTS” heading would benefit from spacing to the top
  • the “About Me” text is very long, therefore hard to read
  • I don’t think it makes much sense to separate the projects into HTML & CSS and JavaScript, because your next projects probably will connect these technologies


I love the animation effect you put into this!
One of the defects is that it takes forever to load all those images.

The nav bar on the top is kind of akward that it fades into existence when it is hovered on. Maybe just keep it up there.

The repeating background in the about section is a little bit… I don’t know how to describe it, but I would suggest only one picture there,

I really like when the image tile thing slides out to reveal your projects. Just make it slide a little faster.

Great job.

@kkelso769, @miku86, @ConnerOw1115
I made a couple of changes, particularly in the “My Projects” and “About me” section.

The only reason why I didn’t leave the nav bar visible is because when you click the link part of the page is hidden behind the nav bar.

Thanks for the reviews!

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