Please make Feedback for Portfolio page project

Hello, here’s my Portfolio project Portfolio Page
I got some problems with images on project section, i’ve tried to make them more readable, but still bad.
I will be very greatful for your feedback!


Wow! I especially liked the part where your name gets typed out. That’s awesome, keep it up!

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Looks very nice! Where did you learn to animate like that?


only Google :sweat_smile: unfortunately i cant find link, but it was on first 5 links. Just write “selftyping animation” smth like that, and you will find it! :grinning:


Looks good !
For the images it looks like they’re small images (180x180) so if you go bigge than this it will blur.
May be try to find a way to get bigger images and then reduce their size as you need.

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Yeah, thats the problem, im linking images with bigger size, and i tried make it like in example page, and there it looks fine


Your portfolio looks awesome!

I am working on mine, can you tell me where can I get the ‘project-image’ ? Do you screen shot them from your projects?

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Hello, yes i made screenshots, and downloaded them on some free hosting sites :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Babrov,

It looks great, especially that animation. Just one thing, when I click “Projects” and navigate to that section, part of the heading is cut off.

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Hello, thank you! already fixed it! :grinning:

One thing that caught my eye: you’re using <lu> tag for an unordered list, but seems like it works :smiley:

Oh, really, didnt mentioned it, thanks!

Hi Babrov - Lovely website. I’m a newbie, so i’ll just give user experience comments.

  • Navbar - I would like it if you could click the text container rather than just the text itself.
  • About - I would like it if the cursor stopped blinking after the animation
  • Projects - I find the ‘Show More’ button animation a bit intense, maybe something slightly more subtle?
  • Projects - Border radius on project tiles is perhaps a little bit too much? The rest of the page is quite clean/sharp and the project tiles look a bit ‘bubbly’
  • Projects - with the images, i’ve recently had more luck setting background-images to divs with CSS. Just something to consider.
  • Contact - love the :hover animations! But I can see the elements are quite large so the animation activates at quite a distance from the text/icons.

These are just my opinions, and like I said - i’m a newbie!
It’s a awesome website, keep up the good work!

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Your images screenshot seems blurred as pixels are destroyed, try for snipping the page screen again.

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Thanks for the detailed review! :grinning:

Hi Ilya,
Looks great! Just a small typo under ‘Projects’ -> Technical Documentaion Page instead of Documentation.

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