Portfolio Page - Please help with some feedback!

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and your coding journeys are going great. Just hoping to get some feedback on my portfolio page. Any feedback is welcome, especially suggestions on things i can change and improve on!
Looking forward to it!

Link to portfolio page


I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I’d change. It’s responsive, the HTML is technically sound, and the design is outstanding and very original. Well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you for the feedback! Very much appreciated!

That’s very professional and smooth. I would really like to add some effects(like scale) when anchors are hovered upon…

@Manav_PNH_Infy I incorporated what you said and decided to add a color filter to the image links and a height scale effect to the contact links. It isn’t the best in terms of fluidity but it works!
I must say the effects have added a new dimension to it! Also thanks to your suggestion, i discovered the filter:grayscale(); css property which helped add a quick grayscale effect to the images when hovered upon.
Thanks for the suggestion! very much appreciated.

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Everything is really good. My eyes popped out and I had to put them back in.
one thing that is a little weird: the page glitches a LOT when I scroll.

@ConnerOw1115 Thanks for pointing that out. Had not properly set some transitions and i have made some changes to them, hoping they work properly now.

Huh… still kinda glitchy. maybe it’s just my computer…

@lulets That makes it marvellous. Good job. And more importantly, it helped you learn new things to assist you in Development. Keep it up.