Portfolio project - done!

Hi everyone!

I would love if you could take a look at my portfolio page here

Is the code a bit clumsy and need more work? Yes, of course. But after already having done a couple of redesigns I figure I can always tweak later, when I know a bit more. Time to move onto the new challenges.

As you’ll see from the editor screen- I didn’t write the parallax code (credit left) but it’s a feature I really like so have left the comments in there to learn from once I’ve got a better understanding of jQuery.

Anyway, thanks for looking :blush:


great, your portfolio project looks good.
The code looks tidy and clear.


Thank you! :slight_smile: Really appreciate the comment

It’s beautiful! I love the layout and the colors!

Your portfolio looks really good! :slight_smile: I particularly like the colour effects on the images, and the layout of the page is simple and good looking. Good job! :thumbsup:

@APRim05 @GSotelo thank you both! That’s really nice of you to say :blush:

I really like that grayscale filter on the images - I’d never seen that before.

Looks like you’ve got a really great structure on your page, even if you’ve got ideas for tweaks.

Killer job Holly. I’m about to start mine and it is just daunting. I loved the style you went with. Very sleek. Did you do it from scratch or use a template, or? I see a lot of these and think there’s gotta be no way they’re beginners lol. I’ll say again, you killed it!

While I don’t know you I think this portfolio does a great job of showing your personality

@annaqui @jonothecoder thanks guys! Really appreciate the comments :blush:

@vxm007 thank you! I was also quite daunted but I had a look at other portfolios (not just from FCC) as it helps you work out what you do/don’t like. I didn’t use a template but sketched out on paper a few different designs. It helped me work out the sections I’d need code for. Also if ever you’re stumped there’s a 99% chance someone else has been in your situation before so there’s a wealth of information on google if you’re not sure how to fix something!

great job! I really like your design .Very tidy .

The only thing I’d personally add is a smooth animating scroll function on click of your menu items. aside from that it looks great! very pretty

Another thumbs up here. Looks great, and even if some of the code was borrowed, it’s been implemented well.

And you’re definitely right when you say that most issues have been solved by someone else - StackOverflow is a great example of this, and should be on everyone’s resource list (after FCC and the official documentation for languages).