Have I overdone it with my portfolio? (*UPDATE)

UPDATE: Thanks a lot guys for your amazing suggestions and ideas, I’m really grateful! I have now updated my portfolio with some changes. The original portfolio from this post can be found here 221. If you have any further comments on the new one I’ll be happy to hear them. Thanks!

Hey guys!

I’ve finished front-end part and started back-end. I’ve decided to redesign my portfolio 356 to make it more suitable for sending to potential employers. I’m really into code based animations and wanted to show of my skills through this portfolio, but I’ve been told that it’s too cluttered and over-designed.

What do you guys think? What should I improve to make it look better?
And what do think about the scrollbar hijacking? I really liked it when I first saw it, but I’ve recently learned that apparently it’s a big “no no”.

Thanks for any feedback!

I am confused. Your post reads as if you have posted on the forum before, but this appears to be your first ever post. Plus, you have not provided a link to your portfolio for us to review.

Why did you put a post to a FB page? Please edit your post to include a link to your actual portfolio instead?

Thank you.