Finished my portfolio. Please give me a review

Hey guys,

Been coding for about a year and have got a portfolio together. Wanted to get some feedback before applying for jobs.

Here is the link: Portfolio

Thanks !


Hey Tim, congratulations on your portfolio! it looks very nice, and BeerQueue is awesome.
The only comment that I can think of at the moment is that maybe you could add a little more interactivity to the buttons on your navigation and contact bar, as well as the GitHub button on your projects. I think that some color variation or size increase on hover could make it feel more dynamic.
I’m just a beginner, but maybe this can be of help.

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Question: Why did you decide to only show the github icon the mouse hovers over a project? That behavior seems a bit strange to me.

As I scrolled down the projects, I noticed that some which only had 3 bullets had them all listed vertically and then other projects which had 3 bullets had them listed as two on one row and one on the other. Did you intend for that to happen?

Also, since you are looking for feedback, I changed your topic category to Project Feedback instead of Getting a Developer Job.

EDIT: On a separate note, I noticed on your resume pdf that the first set of bullets under the Beer Queue project is a different size font the the other bulleted sections. I immediately recognized something seemed different. Your resume should reflect the attention to details like no other document.

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Ah yes, I like this idea. Thanks !

I wanted to put an animation on the github icon. Is there an effect you would suggest better suited for the icon? Should I leave it untouched?

This bullet behavior wasn’t my intention. I’ll review my code.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my resume !