PORTFOLIO Feedback | Finally done! :)

Hey, Campers!

Here’s the link for my portfolio: https://codepen.io/marcosleonel/full/wzdVEr/

Please, take a look and feel free to give your opinion.

Thank you! :grin:

Hi, well done! It looks really nice. I like the portfolio items. The only problem is that the flipover animation doesn’t work smoothly.

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Great Work nicely done…
I like the theme and animations…

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Nice work. It’s all there and looks very stylish. I did find that clicking on your portfolio made your page jump, probably because there is no content to navigate to, but that will soon change.

Keep it up.

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Thanks for your feedback. I will work on that animations to make it run smoother.

Yeap. I had to pick some images that are already online to make it work on Codepen. But when I have my work to upload I will adjust that. Thank you for your feedback.