Feedback on my portfolio!

Hey there guys! So today I finally finished the portfolio challenge, and I’d like to get some feedback from you guys. Any criticism or advice you have will be received! I’m still pretty much getting the hang out web design, so if you find any mistake or just wanna give me your opinion on it post it right here

One thing to note though is that I used Codepen itself for the thumbnails. They aren’t really responsive, so I fixed that with a little Javascript (Vanilla Javascript, no JQuery). It isn’t the most optimal way, since in order to actually see a change, it has to be refreshed before hand, meaning it can’t actively change in size (i.e. when resizing the browser’s window). That aside, it is still awkward to actually run the Codepen when the page is being accessed from a phone. So for the time being I’ll keep it as a place holder for the thumbnails. I just kinda wanted to try something fancy heheh.

The Portfolio

Hope to hear your advices! This is actually the first time I’m posting anything on the forums. I’ve been lurking around here and there searching for answers, as well as other pages.

Thanks in advance!