Feedback over my Personal Portfolio Page

Hey guys, I want to get some feedback on my personal portfolio. This is not the final version tho, I’m going to tinker a bit more before finally finishing it.
Thx in advance for the feedback

Link to page:

A front-end rookie

Hi Mate,
Good work getting to the end of the projects.
For me, the colors rendered on my device are extremely sore on my eyes - like it almost hurts! You want people who look at your portfolio to go - wow, this dude is good, not “ouch”… thats just my opinion and maybe my device is misrepresenting your CSS?

the W3C validator is showing me a lot of warnings and errors for your HTML and 2 smaller ones for your CSS.
I learnt how to use the W3C validator from @Roma - it has taught me a lot already.

Congrats on getting all 5 challenges done!

I wanted to go with a colorful theme and I didn’t just want to copy/paste from the example (it’s the teal ain’t it, lol),I’ll change it to something else. Thx for the feedback!