Feedback for Personal Portfolio

Hey campers,
I’ve completed the Personal Portfolio project and would really love to receive some feedback. Is my code "messy? Did I do something wrong or could I do something better? Please and Thank you in advance! Cheers…



Really nice. Classes have good names, you haven’t got redundant lines of code in them.
I’ll correct some details e.g. fonts, amount of text in your biography, but generally it’s awsome.
Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Thank you eryk95 for the great input. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at it. You gave me some very good food for thought!

Nice work! Have you first desgined the page in photoshop or something before starting to code it out?

Thank you emrulkayesraceme. No I didn’t, but that sounds like an interesting idea I may have to try next time.

This looks excellent, I have just finished my own portfolio challenge this week and this is making me want to go back and keep working on mine. The design is great and the sections ‘rising up to meet the page’ for lack of a more technical term because I don’t know it as you scroll down is awesome!

Good luck moving forward!

Thank you marchibald! The effect you are talking about is a slide animation. It was passed on to me from a friend that used it on her site. Its pretty simple to do. I’ve had a few people ask about it, so today I ‘commented out’ those sections in the code that you can reference if you want to use it. (If you do, remember to add the .slideanim class to whatever it is you want to slide) You can adjust the numbers and tailor it to your liking.

Thanks again and feel free to follow me on CodePen (if your on there). Take care!


Thanks for this, I will definitely have a look and try to incorporate into my portfolio. :slight_smile:

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