Feedback on my Personal Portfolio, please?

Hi, everyone.

I finally got around to completing my personal portfolio project. I started working lately and so I didn’t have much time to complete this project that I started way back when. It’s a big relief now that I have completed this.

My project: Portfolio.

I always liked a dark themed website. So, I went for a dark theme here. What do you guys think about it? Is this okay or should I go with light colors? If you think I can improve this page somehow, please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey, looks good! One thing I would change is the background. Maybe you can add a pattern of some kind, or have slightly different background colors for the different sections.

Hey, @BenGitter. Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I’m searching for a pattern but I can’t seem to find “the one” that I need. Lol. Any suggestions?

Have a look at this site. They have transparent textures, so that it blends in with your background-color.

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Thanks a lot. Once I choose a texture, I’ll incorporate it into my page. :slight_smile:

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