Have I overdone it with my portfolio? (*updated)

Have I overdone it with my portfolio? (*updated)
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Thanks a lot, that’s hard to say, because when you start doing the FCC projects (not sure how far you are) you will eventually need to google a lot and look at some other resources as well, so you will get some knowledge there as well, but I didn’t have much front-end skills before I started FCC, so basically yes.


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.


ok no much to say…your work real inspire me today…!!!


Thanks a lot for your constructive feedback, very useful and exactly what I needed. Thanks!


It’s awesome, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing… :rose:


THat is awesome. what language did you use for the animations

P.S I am kind of new


thanks a lot! I’m using Javscript and Greensock library.


Alright. thank you.
I will check it out.


Okay, aside from other comments, i will suggest something i don’t think others mentioned.
Now, this is how I would like to do it and see it:

almost everything on your page is animated in a way (those animations are direct, and i as a user can decide whether to activate them or not (hover)), and then there’s skills section -
add cursor - default on the text (left) part (i hate it when it shows type cursor, and the text is read only)
i would remove the mouse move effect on the icons, and rather add a hover effect: each icon to display your level of proficiency on hover (like a bar or something… 8 out of 10, 75% etc).

otherwise, i agree on the previous comment about header poly cat image (dont animate it on hover, it’s distracting too much… or, make animation a bit more subtle).

almost forgot… having cursor-default on menu button is confusing, pointer is more appropriate.

ps: I love it, and my comment is based on what I would like to do/see… hope you find it helpful :wink:


Fantastic portfolio! It seems lightyears ahead from where i am now. I’m really impressed by it!
I too am a big fan of animations and really enjoyed the variety of your animations.
Some suggestions based on my personal preference:
I reckon the logo of the site - the cat head exploding thing (that looks remarkably similar to the logo from http://themeshgame.com/ ) - could do with being far more Subtle. It’s powerful, and can retain it by being smaller and slowing down the animations: i’m thinking like the speed those triangles would float in space. Half the transition and floating speeds and shrink the size by about a third. Imo that’d make a big difference.
Don’t like the scrolljacking, but change is good sometimes :wink:
Skills section: considering the rest of your portoolio is interactive, only makes sense that the skills are too, no? Make the icons move around far less (subtlety is key) and do something like @Ebonheart suggested (great idea imo!)
The side menu is a biiiit too slow to open and too quick to close, the relationship feels strange. Also the closing animation seems a bit jagged.

Saying all of this, your portfolio is great!
P.S. Tried to use your calculator and when i left a ±/* and pushed the = it cleared the console and then i lost what i was typing. A bit of an irritation for silly people using your calculator :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!


Whoa, awesome.

About it working as a portfolio… I don’t know. I think it’s kinda like with your resume: if you are applying to a creative agency, you want it to be super fancy. If you are applying to somewhere else, being a little bit boring, but clear, can work better.

I think maybe a good approach would be to have a portfolio which is a little more subdued, and directs the viewer to your projects in a more straightforward way. You want to make the viewer check out those projects, not distract from them with the portfolio itself.

And then, a prominently featured project could be an animation showcase, where you could totally go to town, no holds barred :smiley:


first of all, OH MY GOSH, if i can code a page like that within a month, i’d be really happy!!!
i really like the effects, although it would be a bit overwhelming on a “working” page, but to show your skills, really great!
maybe adjust the icons, so they only show black and not orange and black when moving?
and, the scrollbar when unfolded overlaps the “demo,codepen, github” buttons, maybe there is a nice way to change that?
ok, back to FCC, so my portfolio will look at least a tiny winy bit like yours! :wink:


@Catico First of all you do have great skills.Wow! I love your random quote generator!
Perhaps I can comment on something else? Your calculator? It has some issues.

One for example is that you can add multiple decimal points to a number: I tried 143.8788-.00000.0000
Second: when a number becomes too big it ‘flows’ outside the box (the same number as above).
Third: it can not calculate the following -3-6.2

I will definately have a look at your other projects. They are inspiring.


Wow man this is awesome. I started coding a week ago using freecodecamp.com, I wish I can get to a point where I can do stuff like that. Right now I am on the portfolio project. The first one and I can’t get it done. You are amazing dude!


Holy shit dude, that portfolio is insane. It looks great and I think it’s ok to be a bit flashy since it’s a portfolio page. This is awesome :grinning:


Nicely done, just a quick question how did you make the card flip animation on the portfolio gallery bit?


Check out the Direction Aware Hover pens.


Thank you, those are some really great observations! I have completely missed the cursor thing. I also like the idea of percentages on hover, that could look really nice.
Thanks for awesome remarks :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, yeah, those animations could definitely use some more tweaking. Thanks for having a look at my calculator as well, it was a quite a while ago I made it and I’m pretty sure I didn’t go over all the cases of what people might input, thanks!


Thanks for checking out my calculator, it was quite a while ago since I made it and it probably has many mistakes, I should definitely revisit it and test everything again. Thanks again!