Designed a new portfolio -- again! Would love critiques :)

Every time I make one I come back to it a few weeks later and want to redesign it! I thought my old one wasn’t clean enough so I redesigned it seeing as I’ve nearly finished the frontend course and might start applying to jobs pretty soon.

So here it is. Please critique!


I like the colour scheme and the overall layout!

Good work :slight_smile: Do you have links to your previous designs?

Beautiful portfolio. I’d probably increase the font sizes and size of some of the images. Besides that, it’s pretty solid. :smile_cat:

Thank you!

Yup here’s an old post of 2 of my old portfolios.

Thanks :slight_smile: Are you viewing it on mobile by any chance? I think the images + text are good if viewed on a laptop, but for some reason despite Bootstrapping it all it isn’t responsive on mobile :frowning:

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I was checking both mobile and large screens. The portfolio images are fine.

For fonts:

  • Minimum body font-size recommendation: 18px

  • Nav bar font-sizes could be upped a bit more.

  • Skills + Contact headers could be increased as well

For images:

  • Skills + social icons sizes could be increased on large screens.
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Updated it! Thank you, it looks much better after your suggestions!

Also figured out what the problem was that stopped it from being responsive on iPhone, I needed to include <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">. Now to add it to all my projects!


Really like your polygon and color scheme. The javascript calculator looks great too.

One suggestion I would make is for the easing on the scroll. i know you don’t have that big of an ‘about’ section but it would still be nice to have the scrolling be more smooth when you click on the navigation links.

You can check how to do that, here:
or use a plugin.

Keep up the great work and happy coding!

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Ah thanks for bringing that to my attention. Looks like it scrolls back up smoothly but not down.

Great portfolio @l-emi. the images were responsive for me on mobile view. You have great bright colors.

I like the hover function that provides description of your project, but it is possible to be missed.

Lastly, your scrolltop button is excellent, I will totally steal that.

One setback though is for some reason, the background color of the landing page where you have your name is white until the page completely loads before it changes to blue…was that intentional? I had the impression that it was a script still loading or something.

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i learnt about the meta tag too when i uploaded my portfolio…

Thanks for the critique! I was thinking of adding the description at the bottom of each image and having it roll up to cover the whole image once hovered over.

About the header image – it’s a large image so it can take a bit to load, I’ll have to reduce the size some more. It used to be 3MB before I reduced it, now that took time to load! :open_mouth:

hey it looks great :slight_smile: but on smaller screen the right side contents of your page are crossing the margin!

Looks great on mobile. I would maybe add a light border around your project thumbnails for a little separation. For example, the wikiviewer sort of blends into the background.

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I love the portfolio. Keep on improving it as you climb the Campers ladder.

Hey, what device are you using? It looks fine on my phone, could you take a screenshot to show me?

hey this is what i meant!

Huh, that’s strange. What phone are you using?

I love it. Way beyond what i can do at the moment so no critiquing…

I agree! way beyond what i can do. this a great example of a portfolio to look at! Btw how long have been at FCC?