Designed a new portfolio -- again! Would love critiques :)

Your work is quite beautiful, i like how it looks indeed, simple and elegant. I hope mine gets to look even a little close like yours.

Congratulations! :wink:

Lmao. Seems like you were umm…“inspired” by my portfolio, judging by your header background and the description of yourself. How funny, I totally came across this by chance.

Hey, this is your portfolio right? Our headers are completely different?

As for the description, I assume you’re talking about the “beautiful, functional things”. I have never even been on your page before, looks like we both coined the same phrase by coincidence.

Thanks! Since April, but I took a 2 months break so around 3.5 months.

They’re different because I changed it, silly! Before I made changes, they were almost identical. That would be quite the strange coincidence. :smirk:

Show me how it used to look, I’m curious. I was inspired by this.

I don’t know how I could prove I didn’t copy, but whether you believe me or not I didn’t. It is a coincidence, so kudos for having the same mindset as me at least.

I knew I should’ve taken screenshots. There’s no way to prove myself either! But it’s pretty uncanny.

Ah well, you have a really pretty portfolio as it is now!

Tbh it is uncanny and if I came across your portfolio first I would have felt like you copied it too so I don’t blame you. I was really proud of that “beautiful, functional things” phrase lol so I’m not surprised you kept it too!

Thank you, that means a lot to me :smiley:
I love design so I’m obsessive with making things look nice. Keep at it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was super proud of that statement too, that’s why I was like…there’s no way! Maybe it’s some weird sort of collective consciousness thing.

My thoughts exactly haha! Kind of like when everyone wears red on the same day you do and you all look at each other like “…” :smiley:

Hi. The portfolio is amazing! it looks so professional, especially the calculator. How many hours would you say you code for a week?

Thank you! I do love the calculator the most :smiley:

I’d say about 30-40 hours.

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Good work, the layout and colors are beautiful but I think you can add more text to the page, but other than that it’s great!

Mm, I was thinking that too. My about section needs more work maybe

Hello Lidiya,

Beatiful page, colorful and fun, I wish my pages
looked as good.

Try running your html through,
and your scripts through ,
and your json through to
check for suggestions or errors.

For example the validator shows that the first line
of your html is missing:

<!DOCTYPE html>

browsers do their best to render pretty well anyway.
It depends upon what your intent was for the page.

JSlint makes recommendations for your calculator script.
The first line “use strict” is missing a semicolon which
leads to an error in the next line. Then there are more
missing semicolons, which clearly do not affect the
working of the code. If however, you are debugging a tough
problem, one good place to start is to have zero errors in
jslint, then you know your syntax is not the cause.
There are also some potential gotchas with strict mode
that you can read about at MDN: :link:

jsoneditoronline will help you with complicated objects
according to the definition at
For example there should be quote marks around the keys
like this {“key”: 1}. I know I tested your code
functional, but consider the case:

var myVar = "key";
var obj = {[myVar]: 1};

var stringThingy = JSON.stringify(obj);
console.log("stringThingy: "+ stringThingy);

Lions and Tigers and Quote marks, oh my!
Also see at stack overflow :link:

Hopefully this will help save you hours of debugging in
the future. You have done a great job with page layout and
getting the code working, keep up the good work.

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Oh wow thanks for all the links & tips! I was actually just going through my code and was wondering why I left out <!DOCTYPE html>!

Thanks again!

Very professional and I love the icons at the bottom, it’s engaging and a good representation of your creativity and im nicking the Roman numerals converter for learning purposes :smile:

Thanks! Be my guest haha, I have to admit that I made it in part because I had zero clue how to read Roman Numerals. In the process of creating the converter I learned how to :smiley:

Hi, sorry to bug you, but you have kind of typing error in roman numerals

    var ara = [1000, 900, 500, 400, 100, 90, 50, 40, 10, 6, 5, 4, 1];
    var rom = ['M', 'CM', 'D', 'CD', 'C', 'XC', 'L', 'XL', 'X', 'IX', 'V', 'IV', 'I'];

with this your 6 is IX while it should be VI (IX is 9)

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