Just done the tribute project, would love some feedback

Here’s my tribute page

I started off really wasting loads of time just trying to pick someone to make the page about! I realised that I was kind of worrying about small irrelevant details and missing the point of the task. So I settled on this guy and stuck more or less the entire wiki entry for him in there.

To begin with I really wanted to plan out a design to actually work to but I’m not much of a designer and again, so I decided to just make it up as I go along with a vague idea that I wanted the layout to change as the device width scales up or down.

Initially I was using bootstrap but I figured I’d learn more if I didn’t bother with that and just used css so that’s what I did. It looks like a total monstrosity but as a complete noob I’m pretty pleased with it, although the main thing I learned from the exercise was how much I don’t know!

Good job making it responsive.
Much harder to use all the media tags than using bootstrap.

Let me just say that bootstrap can be your friend in the future.
Having the power of bootstrap’s responsiveness allows you to concentrate more on style and creativity.

I feel your page was long on content but fell short on style.
Sorry, but just being honest.

Thanks for your reply! No need to say sorry, that’s entirely true, I mean i said myself that it’s a monstrosity! To be fair though I was approaching it more as an exercise in implementing basic html and css with design very much an afterthought. I thought it might be better to do the exercise and move on than spend more time on pure aesthetics given I have no interest in being a graphic designer.

I do think bootstrap looks really useful from what I saw of it in the sections before the tribute page task and it would definitely streamline things in the future. But when I learn something I tend to want to start with absolute fundamentals and I want to understand what is happening and why it’s happening… then when I’ve got that under my belt I can take shortcuts,

I commend you on your learning approach.
It seems that you have the right attitude to become a very good developer in the future.
Keep up the good work.
Happy coding :relaxed:
p.s. Sorry it took so long to reply.

Great job. I think your tribute page is fine. Love the background color as well as the image margin.
Shows you have a thing with colors.
Nice job