Tribute and Portfolio Pages completed at last!

Please Critique my first two Web Dev projects

I’ve done these in my spare time over the past couple of weeks. I’ve deleted and started over so many times, I’m finally at a point where they conform to the user stories, they just look shabby and sloppy.

Main tripping points were enabling Bootstrap 4 on my code pens, and then using BS3 classes and vice versa. Think I’ll stick to BS3 for the time being as all of the learning material appears to be in 3

Tribute Page

Much reverse engineering/stealing form the W3S pages which I found to be the most reliable source of information, with the bootstrap official documentation dipped into also.

Aside form that, I did everything from memory, and referencing the FreeCodeCamp HTML/CSS/Responsive lessons

It took me a second to realize the style in the tribute page was almost all by Bootstrap :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, i would add at least a min-width property to the tribute page to avoid the overflow effect when you resize too much the screen ^^
Speaking of resizing in your Portfolio the images suddenly become superlarge ( they pass from 3 in a row to one for row, with different sizes). Another tiny issue is about the navigation link, which bring you exactly at the start of the section ( in the ‘about me’ section it gives a ‘cut effect’ to me.
Apart this tiny issues i’d say good job! :+1:

Sure, I’m at the level where I’m not too sure where CSS ends and BootStrap begins. I of course know that BS is just a library of pre-defined CSS classes but I’m sure you know what I mean.

As it’s most of what we learned, I didn’t want to stray too far from what I’ve learned. Also Bootstrap made it possible to completely recode the whole fully functioning page very quickly, which is it’s super power.

I’ve spoken to a few working devs who have said to focus on Boostrap first, as 90% of websites use it, as it’s the fastest way to make useful websites. Faffing around with inline elements and doing super granular CSS is a good way to spend hours on something that could take you ten minutes in BS

Now I’m done, are there any further resources/projects on doing basic websites? I’ve moved onto the Javascript lessons, as I’m here to learn to code rather than web dev, so I guess I won’t ever do front end again unless I absolutely have to.