Portfolio and Tribute Page Feedback/Review

Hi everyone!
I’m a total newbie at this coding thing. I’ve linked below my portfolio page and Tribute page.They are both very simple but please let me know what you guys think. I feel like my codes are a bit unorganized/messy… but maybe I’m just overthinking/criticizing? idk… :sweat_smile:
Decided not to use any Java/jQuery since I don’t fully comprehend it yet and want to get comfortable with css and html first. Looking forward to learning more so that I can spice it up a lot. I saw some professional ones and all I can say is dang~~
anyways, thanks in advance!

See the Pen Personal Portfolio by Kalia (@KodeXign) on CodePen.

See the Pen Tribute to Big Bang by Kalia (@KodeXign) on CodePen.

Hey. Let’s start with the Tribute page:

  • You have two Bootstrap versions in your pen settings. One is enough (keep version 4, it’is fine).
  • There’s a class that does exactly what you did on your header image. In Bootstrap 3 it’s img-responsive; in Bootstrap 4 it’s img-fluid.
  • There is no col-s-* class. In bootstrap 3 it’s col-xs-* in bootstrap 4 it’s col-*. Change your col-s-* class to col-auto if you want the div to just adapt the content inside of them (the result will be the same as what you currently have).
  • Try to work a bit with padding to give some space to your section’s heading, they’ll look prettier.

Your portfolio:

  • You have two Bootstrap versions linked here as well!
  • Again, try to separate titles from content a bit more.
  • Your social icons could be smaller; generally, content is always smaller than its heading.
  • Try not to use so many different fonts, it’ll make your page feel more “unite”.

That aside, you did a good job on the pages’ responsiveness, which is something a lot of people struggle on. Nice work!

thanks for the feed back! I’ll make the changes and keep the advice in mind for future projects.

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