Tribute Page & Portfolio Page - Need Feedback


I’ve created the Tribute and Portfolio page. Please see below. They kind of suck aesthetically. However, my goal was to complete the user stories. So please let me know if I’ve done that.


Tribute Page:

Portfolio Page:

Bonus Question:

Any idea when the beta will be pushed to the main site?

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Very nice and good job! My only recommendation would be for your Portfolio Page with regards to your contact details (name, email, etc.) - try to use the form input that your learned with Bootstrap.

You have a good skeleton for a portfolio but much works is left to be done. This is the stage my portfolio is at right now. This is my method for whatever it’s worth. I research more professional websites and take a look at what more experienced developers have done. This way I can set a high goal for myself and in the process stretch my abilities. It is a long journey but if you improve yourself a little everyday you will go far.

The only thing I would suggest is to make the page responsive, meaning, the image should be able to adjust to the screen size.