Portofolio & tribute pages

I just finished my Portfolio page (http://codepen.io/amsak/full/RRBymr/). It’s a bit basic, but I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you!

I like your portfolio page, it’s neat, simple and catchy. I’m guessing it will be fun to fill it out with projects and more content :smiley: I especially like the header and the image.

I just finished my Tribute page, and i’m still mashing mu head against the portfolio… :frowning: (haven’t even started it yet).

But hey, you did title this as Portfolio and Tribute pages, so, here’s my Tribute page :blush: (hope you like it)

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Nice page. I have 2 sugesstions:

  1. Text on big screens seems too small, you could make a text little bigger on desktop screen.
  2. Everything sizes down to mobile screen nice, but form fields not, you should fix that.
    Everything else is good.