Tribute Page Challenge Complete! Would love feedback

Hey everyone!

I finished up my tribute challenge and would love some feedback. This is literally the first thing i’ve ever coded, so i’m sure the code itself is ugly as sin. I didn’t know all the bootstrap styles, so I ended up making some of my own to accommodate. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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This looks great, especially for a first page. I’m a bit confused why you mentioned bootstrap, I don’t believe you have it linked in the page but honestly for your first few pages you don’t really need it. It’s probably best to focus on learning the basics.

Some things I would recommend: I would make sure all your style is in the CSS tab, right now you have some at the beginning of the page and some even inline with your HTML. Ideally HTML should only contain your content while CSS styles the page.

Also it looks like you have at least one class “container-fluid” you don’t actually use. Ideally you should try to make sure all classes are used appropriately.

Good luck and keep working.

Thanks for the input! Ya, I tried using bootstrap when I started it, but didn’t know what the class’s looked like. I ended up just doing all the styles myself. I made sure to take your advice on the portfolio page and use the CSS tab for all the design. Made things a lot easier to correct/play around with. Thank you!

I had to do some research and you are correct. I added the container-fluid not knowing what it was exactly. Should have it fixed going forward.

Thanks for all the input, was a great help. Just finished up my portfolio page, so i’m excited to start JavaScript!

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