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Hi all together I´ve just finished the tribute page Challenge of the freecodecamp programming course and would like to get some feedback on it.
I uploaded the page to codepen

thanks and best regards

Hey Andy, how is going?

It looks very nice, I liked the style.

  • You could put the contents, such as the career section, into a container (Look, I’m not talking about a bootstrap’s container, I’ll not talk about bootstrap). With containers, you can organize better your code. You can put containers inside containers to set an text to one and a photo to other! Containers are very nice! You can read more about them on
    If you want to know better what I’m talking about I’ve made an entire post explaining how to organize the code with containers :slight_smile:
  • A list is not the best way to organize sections, HTML5 has a tag for it: . I know that a list makes the vertical organization, but it is a css an html job and you have to go through it. Semantics is very important to organize the code, you can learn more about it here: HTML5
  • With the container, you can also limit the width of an image! (They are going out of the ‘body’), you can set % to the width or even max-width and min-width. (All those things will help you to do a more responsive page :slight_smile: )

Keep on this way, keep coding.

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Hey Pedro, thanks for asking I´m fine and you? :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback I´ll consider it next time.
Or even redesign the page later this week and give it a try.

The only thing I´m not sure about, the img going out of the
body ?! I don´t see that?! Which browser do you use? Or did you look at the page on mobile?
The page isn´t responsive, thought it would not be important because I really wasn´t
sure how responsiveness works out with codepen :slight_smile:
Just curious cause on my screens the img don´t go out of the body at all.

Edit: ok I looked at it with the dev tool on a mobile screen. So I guess you probably don´t looked at it via brower :slight_smile: I will update the responsive design later, i guess :smiley:

Hew Andy, very nice that you are worried about the responsive design :smile:

Every feedback I gave to anyone, I resize the page with the browser to see how responsive is the page. It’s not your fault, fcc doesn’t focus this at the beginning, but it’s nice to give some advice about responsive design as it’s not too difficult to learn (Like change px for % and pt or even px to fonts for em).

But the problem image it’s not about responsive for mobile, sometimes I divide my mac into two pages to work better like this:

As you can see, it is not a mobile device but I had the same problem. It’s a common problem, I had this problem at the beginning too (Actually, I’m beginner haahah). But if you focus on the organization since the begging you will solve a lot of simple things like this. I know that fcc doesn’t give us all the knowledge, but it’s always saying Read, Search, (Don’t Be Afraid to) Ask :slight_smile: If every time that you have a problem and you make the right reading, the right searching and don’t be afraid to ask, you gonna fly high! You will learn without know that you are learning.

Waiting for your future projects :slight_smile:

Ok to be honest I was a bit sloppy with this :frowning:
Forgot about the image width and probably don´t tested enough
before i uploaded it. Fixed the image problem to a certain degree. :slight_smile:
thanks for the reply, next time I will have a further look at all before releasing.
Was a little bit in a hurry yesterday and wanted to release before I had to go, probably
not the best idea :smile:
I let you know when the page got its rework :wink: