Tribute Page - Feedback needed

Hi, everybody! Just finished the Tribute Page challenge and I would really appreciate your feedback. I get the feeling that I should get rid of some habits before they become problems.

Nice. Here some practices you should add/avoid.

  1. Always make sure your website looks good on mobile (it doesn’t :wink:)
  2. In normal production stylesheet links go in the <head>, on codepen, they go in your css setting (I see you have the bootstrap css library there, you need to add your font there as well, we never put it in a <div>).
  3. You are using inline css in your HTML. It is not generally a good idea to have a <style></style> in your HTML, in real production we put that in a separate file (like the bootstrap file you imported), and in codepen we put our css rules in the css tab (I see you already have a couple there).
  4. you have a <div class="container"> at the top for really no reason especially with your <body> after it. div’s only go in the body.
  5. we don’t usually add a class to the body. You would want to add a div inside your body with container and silver-background.
  6. In codepen we don’t have to put the body element, but it doesn’t affect anything.

There are a couple other things, but keep practicing, and you will learn the best habits and techniques yourself.

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First of all, thank you for your feedback, it was very helpful :grin: I made some improvements to my code based on your advice, but I keep hitting the bootstrap wall. How do I get my page to be mobile responsive? I know I’ve added bootstrap to codepen, so I don’t need to add all the links I keep finding on google about installing bootstrap, but I’m missing something. Somehow, the container class to my div isn’t doing anything. In the training it’s very simple: just add div class=“container-fluid” and all the elements on your page should be responsive. Please help :sweat:

Here is a recent thread that should help you with responsive design and bootstrap:
Responsive Design Thread

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you didn’t put container-fluid you just put container.

I must say, the page itself looks remarkably good on my computerscreen, sadly I can’t check on a mobile.

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Sure you can.

I see your tribute page is not yet responsive and that’s because you use several places where width = 800px; for instance. as long as you keep giving minimum width, the page will stay the same no matter what you do.