My tribute page, would like to hear some feedback

My tribute page

any feedback would be appreciated, thank you

Use bootstrap to make your tribute page responsive. It doesnt look good on mobile. Dont write CSS in HTML, because goes in separate file.Your code will be extremely large if you put CSS in it and it will be difficult for you to read your own code.

I was wondering about this. Previously, I used separate files, but with FCC they have you place the CSS internally and I found it difficult to identify the code. I suppose that this was done to aid the learning process, i.e. see how the CSS and HTML work side by side.

As I correct in thinking there are multiple ways to reference to CSS as per this link ?

Just check it on mobile myself and it looks horrible, gonna fix that soon

Thanks for the suggestion

Use bootstrap to fix it. container-fluid, row, columns grid… Repeat those lessons and you will make it perfect.