PROJECT 1 Feedback for Build a Tribute Page project (Help & Advice)

Hello Campers

I’m brand new to coding and really enjoying FCC so far and everyone in this community seems really nice!

It would be great if i can get some feedback on this tribute page to, i haven’t really added any colour to the page yet but just mainly focusing on the HTML mock up, with a bit of styling.

Here’s a link to the codepen:

These are next steps i want to take but i have completely forgotten how to do this stuff.
-Make the page responsive for mobile(I’m aware this can be done with bootstrap but don’t really understand how it works)
-Improve the layout
Any other suggestions i would love to hear from you all!

Kind Regards


For the page responsive with mobile just add the img responsive class to whichever images you want to be mobile responsive. Also, you can’t exactly make the whole page responsive just like that. You’ll need to add the row class to your div element. And then for every element inside your div element,you will have to add the col class, for example col-xs-5 or something like that. Hope this helps!!!

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