Tribute Page Feedback-Much Appreciated!

Hi! I just started coding. I am still tweaking my tribute page but think its ok for now. Any feedback would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much!

Looks nice. Good job.:slight_smile:
But the page is not responsive at all.When narrow down the screen size. it stays in the same position.

thanks! i see!! how can i make it responsive? i’m watching the bootstrap responsive how to now!

First you wanna remove the grid columns(col-xs-12) cause if you take a close look they are useless here. You don’t need them here its just a plain page. Secondly nest your header class in the container class.
then change the “header class” and container class" width to 100%
plus the “image class” width to “max-width : 100%” cause if you don’t use max here the image will stretch to full width and that wont look good.
[You could have made this page responsive quite easily if you have not even used the container class but now when you already did. This changes will make it responsive to a good level]

thank you so much!!!

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