Tribute Project Review

Hi guys,
This is my tribute page

It would be great if I can get some feedback.
Also I know that my page is not responsively built. What can I do to make it responsive?

Nice job finishing the tribute page!

I do have a few suggestions. In it’s current state, there’s no visual consistency between elements. I’m on my iPhone 8 Plus and the photos and text aren’t aligned well. The text flows way past some of the images.

The header image and first image after that don’t have any space/padding between them.

The photo of the Lincoln Memorial isn’t centered.

It’s very late and I’m probably not making sense but try to work on some of these issues.

Great Page with loads of content! But it does need a lot more styling twhite96 commented on. If you are going to use boostrap then I suggest you get to know two key areas - The Grid and use of row and col classes to layout your content - Margin and Padding classes to give your elements a bit more space. If you read up on these two things and apply the classes and structure to your markup I’m sure your page will look loads better! Bon Chance!

Thanks guys it means alot. I think I should defnitely look into bootstrap to make it responsive.