Tribute page - can I get some feedback?

I made a tribute page for Margaret Hamilton:

It’s not responsive currently so it doesn’t look nice on a phone (I didn’t use bootstrap). Any sort of feedback would be really appreciated.


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Excellent! This looks professional!!

It’s not responsive, but that’s really easy to refactor with bootstrap. I would v2 it and try to tack it on. I bet you can get it to stay exactly the same at full size and be responsive in an hour or two.

Good lesson to work on as I think that a lot of customers are probably sitting on legacy sites that aren’t responsive.

Good luck!


Good. I like the box shadowing on that side image.

Very good. Great work with the css.


Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. Yeah I am gonna give that a shot and might repost it. I was trying not to use bootstrap because I wanted to learn the fundamentals of layout/positioning but maybe I should just use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again

Oh wow, I really like how you put the quote on the side of the timeline. Killer looking tribute page!

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the kind words :slight_smile: