Tentative Final Draft of Portfolio Page

I think I’m finished with my portfolio page. Would love to have some helpful feedback!

The contact section isn’t linked to anything, but if I actually plan on using this in the end then that would be something I would add in.

I worked on the responsiveness some but I’m still not completely happy with it.


Project Link: https://codepen.io/ealford24/pen/EEeBZY

Uhm, few pixel before the navbar items compact themselves in the hamburger menu they run out of the bar;
the footer resize itself but at the same time you can scroll horizontally the page, having it shrinked ^^
Fixing this tiny issues will bring it to a very good looking portfolio if you manage to use the white/black transparency as you’re doing (imho) :slight_smile:

Looks great. Only thing I would point out is the hover effects on the navigation. It’s neat how it moves left to right between the menu items, but when you move right to left it looks funky.

Other than that great job!