Personal Portfolio feedback appreciated

Hi everyone, I have completed the personal portfolio challenge and I need feedback.
Both positive and negative are appreciated.
You’ll find the codepen link here:

Yours truly,
Álvaro Frazão

hey, that’s looking pretty good :slight_smile:

my notes:

  • the navigation looks good. it’s clearly visible, the links are big enough, and it’s responsive
  • …but, it doesn’t seem like the navigation is actually working once it collapses to a hamburger menu, so that could use a bit of work - also, I thought it was a little confusing that the links in the navigation weren’t in the same order as the sections on the page
  • I like that you didn’t go overboard in your font selection - keeping it to one really keeps the design clean - that was a good move
  • the layout on desktop might look better if the content weren’t allowed to stretch all the way to the edges of the page
  • the way you used the icons for the “current address / email address / etc” part is really nice

Thanks for replying again to my work, will keep that in mind for a future time and will try to sort that out.
@gracenut, I just did not really understand the “hamburger menu” can you explain it to me please?
and I can’t seem to be able to bar away the left and right margins cause it always goes just for one margin.
Maybe I’m putting something wrong?
I’m using the #word {margin: (number)px;} and it does not seem to be working.
If you could clarify these 2 topics I would be thankful.