FCC: Personal Portfolio - Feedback

Hi all,

I just finished version one of my personal portfolio which in the process completes the first FCC certificate and I’m looking for feedback on the code itself and aesthetics.

As this will be an ongoing project I tried to keep things simple so there is plenty of room for development in the future once I complete later certificates and become more accustomed to other technologies.



@Andy-R Nice work. The dark theme adds a nice touch to the project.
In my opinion, I recommend that you:

  • Remove the coming soon tiles. I feel that it is better to see only completed projects.
  • Make the name, email, company input fields the same width as the textarea box.
  • Consider a hamburger menu for mobile view??

This is absolutely gorgeous! The only thing I would change is to make the navbar block the content that is scrolling through it.


I’ve made some adjustments based on feedback;

  • Removed coming soon tiles;

  • Adjusted form fields for all screen sizes, this turned out to be a really nice change;

  • In the future when I add more sections and space becomes an issue I was planning to add the hamburger menu then, however currently I feel the top menu is pretty clean;

  • Added a background to the navbar, this turned out to be a nice change too.

Thanks for all the feedback, it’s very much appreciated :+1:

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That is impressive! the only thing that you could or should change to my liking is that the backgrounds on all three of the sections are the same color. to me, that is a bit plain. make them different colors or gradients. Add a geometric background. If you do one of those, your portfolio will be much better!

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I’ve made a few changes based on your feedback, these include:

  • Added transparent background textures to make things look more interesting;
  • Added a gold drop shadow to the navbar.

Together they seem to sharpen things up and make the page more interesting however as this is very much a WIP I’m sure it will change again over the coming months :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!

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Wow! you added animations and the backgrounds are so cool now!!
nice job man!

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@Andy-R Your page is looking better. Nice work.