FCC Personal Portfolio project feedback


Just completed the portfolio project. Please leave some feedback.

Link: https://codepen.io/ericlew/pen/dEgRPG


Hello, first of all i like the colours and design. secondly my personal opinion is that the font you use for your name is distracting.

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Wow, really well done! Loving your design, it looks really sleek and professional. I actually don’t agree with that the font for your name is distraction, I think it’s a welcome playful contrast to the otherwise “square” looking design (I really don’t mean that in a negative way, can’t think of a better word as English isn’t my firsy language :sweat_smile:)

Your code is also really easy to read and well-dispositioned. I honestly can’t think of anything to criticize. Awesome work!

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I love your portfolio. It’s very clean!

Only suggestion is to maybe put something in the space below your name. Maybe a downwards pointing arrow, or something similar.

Like one of these: https://codepen.io/nxworld/pen/OyRrGy.

Not unless you position your name etc further from the top, more in the centre vertically. These things are very subjective though, just my preference.

You did a really good job!


@ericlyv I like your portfolio design. Especially the navbar effect is very well done. You can make some changes as follows:

  1. Add some more details in about section.
  2. You can add your skills in a different section.
    For instance: http://tuni.tech/
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Thank you. Nice suggestion. I wanted to add my skills but since I am still new and only know html and css, the skill list would look a bit empty. But now I have learned a new way to display my skills. Plus that site listed is well designed and inspiring.

Thanks. Glad you like it. I try to keep my code clean.

Makes it easy on me and for people. Especially to spot errors.

That is a nice idea. I didn’t think about that. The arrows make a nice effect. I love it.

Thanks. Happy you like it.

You said it better than I would. I see what you mean.
I chose this font to make it a bit fun and different.

I make an effort to keep my code clean and easy to read. I find that it saves time and head ache. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback.

Wow, this looks really good (other than the broken images). I don’t have any suggestions, it looks great!

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Thanks for the feedback:slightly_smiling_face:

your portfolio isn’t mobile responsive. other than that it looks good.

I checked and it is responsive on my end. Can you give some details?

Also, I want to point out that I only tested this on Chrome, so I don’t know how it will respond on other browsers. I fixed some issues that I found, so hopefully it is much better now.

Thanks for the feedback.

I use iPhone7, your navigation buttons are not responsive. Eg, they don’t scroll to about page. Also, When I enter the page I have loads of blue background and need to keep scrolling in order to get to the any text. See pic below.
Hope that helps :wink:

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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try to fix that. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ericlyv see this post to simulate something being on mobile:

Media query’s should help with that