Personal Portfolio - Please Review

Hi Friends,

I have completed FCC Personal Portfolio Page project. I have included all the FCC Responsive Web Design Projects in it. Kindly review - Overall Page, Color schemes,Responsiveness,Layout,code - or anything else you find worthy to be commented .Since I am a newbie here ,Your feedback will definitely help me to improve.

This is my project link Personal Portfolio

Hi, I like your work, I like the colors.
It would be great to be able to read - I’m a Front-End Developer - on the small screen.
Success and greetings.

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@normaojeda Thanks a lot.

Small thing that I notice, and I’m no expert on this either as i’m just looking into solving this problem myself, is that the whole block where project is isn’t clickable, only the word “project.” Again I’m no expert and am working on a solution myself to this, but the page looks amazing. Great Job.

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The page is pretty nice.
And I find it very good.

Just there are some errors in your HTML code.
Pass your code through:

and ignore the first 3 errors since this is a copy-paste from codepen.

I learned this from replies from other people to my posts. (I’m not an expert by any means)

This validator will discover errors in your code. There is one from HTML. And you can add css to it.
I also heard from somewhere that w3c has a js validator.

Good luck and happy coding.

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@cfountain931 I have removed the button and applied css on a link instead.Now whole block is clickable.Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

@JPGC04 Errors were due to adding a link inside button.I have corrected the mistakes.Thank you for the suggestions.I was only using codepen html validator and it was not showing those errors.

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