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What’s up everyone!

Here’s the link for my portfolio project:

I still have to work on making it responsive, and improve the overall contact section.
Feedback would be deeply appreciated.


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Looks really professional to me. In my opinion, I would make the text on the header bolder so its catches the eye and makes use of all that space available in the header.

I would also decrease the height of the dark blue box that has your name and the text aspiring web developer. To much empty space for such little content.

But even without my suggestions, it looks great on its own.

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I appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback, brother. Thank you!

You make valid points, and I will take them into consideration for sure. I agree with you that there’s too much empty space on that “main” page.
Once again, I appreciate your feedback.

Tks! :slight_smile:

I agree with @ninjaboynaru that your website looks very professional and has a personal touch. I feel the color palette you have chosen works very well and I like that you have filled in your portfolio section with actual works you have done thus far.

I agree with your initial post that you should work on responsiveness, I think that is the single biggest improvement you can make right now because anything under a width of ~1350px breaks your layout entirely.

For other small improvements you might consider:

  • Have you ever seen websites where the navbar starts at the top of the page but stays fixed to the top of the window while the user scrolls until the page is scrolled past a certain point? I think that would add a nice touch to your website. I don’t have an example immediately at hand, but if you need one just let me know.
  • For your contact form (which you already mentioned you wanted/planned to improve), I think your biggest improvements lie in styling the “Send it!” button and the changing the font of the placeholder of your form inputs. (good source on doing this with CSS here)
  • You might consider creating a hover effect on each of your portfolio works which darkens the image on hover and simultaneously reveals text with the title of the work and perhaps a brief description of each work (and even better, why it is important or what it demonstrates about your skills). Including this in some fashion would be helpful I think, it doesn’t have to be with a hover effect, but I would try to maintain your single-page design unless you have too much content.
  • And while you’re at it, I think it would always look good for the works on your portfolio if you provide a link to the website in action, either on a demo page, a codepen, or (even better) a company that is actually using a website you made. This shows your work interactively (not just a picture) while potentially demonstrating your past work for others.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful, and again, great job! I hope that you find success in your future projects!

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Hi, Chance!

I appreciate you taking the time to make such an in depth analysis, and give me such important feedback. That means a lot, brother.

Your suggestions are really good, and can definitely improve the website a considerable amount. I will take the time in the next couple of days, to try and have these improvements applied to the page, and will share the improvements here, and on codepen.

Once again, thanks a lot for the help, man.
Take care!

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