Portfolio page finished - feedback welcome!

It’s not perfect, and I’m not really that in love with my color scheme anymore, but as this was about the 4th time I’d started over from scratch I thought I should probably just finish, move on, and come back to it in a few months if I want to redo it haha.

Any feedback very welcome, both on my code and on the general layout/feel etc.

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Hey, Hey!
Good job! Keep studying! Keep going!
Now I want to write you my vision about few changes which may be good for your portfolio page.

  • header. In my opinion your header too height. You can see it takes about 30% of your screen. It is not good. It will look more tasty if you locate your name(name of the website) and menu items in one line.
  • content. Using more “white space” in left and right edges of the page will improve readibility of the text.
    For example you can nest your text(about section) in a block with width about 60% of screen width on laptops and centred it.
  • Feedback form. Using the simple fonts(for example from sans-serif family) is a good way for forms.