Finished my Portfolio! Feedback would be much appreciated

After long hours in deciding the background image and color, i’m finally done :smile:

Please give any comment or feedback to my first personal portfolio, don’t hold back any thoughts you have, it would be very much appreciated :wink:

here is the link

Thank you

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First impressions, the image looks nice but it’s too big and took about 15 seconds to download. Maybe you can compress it to a much smaller size?

Second, clicking on “let’s go” take me to exactly the same place as scrolling just a bit, but it reloads the page and take five times longer than just scrolling would have. Also, I didn’t know what I was clicking on. Let’s go where? Wasn’t sure what to expect at all.

Lastly, the nav bar disappears once we scroll off the top page. I think it would stay where it is the entire time.

Keep working on it little by little and soon you’ll have an amazing portfolio!

Overall it looks good, as was said, it definitely takes too long to load. Your main nav bar works well, but it should stay visible throughout. I also think that your social media icons should open in a different tab. This is just my personal preference. But from a potential customer standpoint, this is how I would like it. I can tab between your portfolio pages to compare your work without having to use the back page. It’s a great start.

after i tried it on another computer, i see what you mean, it’s fast on my laptop because i’ve opened it many times :smile: i will definitely compress the image.

the “let’s go” actually has a smooth scroll, but it seems didn’t work on github, maybe i’ll just remove it anyway, as you said it didn’t really serve any purpose.

about the navbar, that is actually intentional, as i want it to disappear as you scroll down and will show again when you scroll up. but i will consider to make it always visible.

Thank you so much for your feedback, i really appreciate it :blush: :kissing_heart:

awww thank you for your comment, glad that you think its not that bad :smile:

about the social media, personally, i always open a link on a new tab manually, so i never thought about it. but it would of course very convenient to just click once than have to right click again. will definitely fix that :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback :blush: