Looking for some feedback on my Portfolio page!

https://codepen.io/jester070993/full/QqdVqW Just finished it, it’s not completely done for good, I just didn’t want to spend more than a week or 2 on it because I plan to go back to it later and add more things once I learn a little more from FCC

Thanks guys!

Well done for your first portfolio! One issue, your background image is massive, took too long to load for me personally. Second issue, there is an X-axis scroll bar. You need to add overflow-x: hidden; your body css selector. Third link tags should be in the head, you can add them in the head by adding the links to the settings in codepen.

Well done!

Hmm interesting with the picture, it loads quite quick for me. I intentionally made the banner with the picture that big to give it almost-full screen introduction because I don’t have much else on my page. Once I get projects I’ll make it smaller.
thanks for the other tips, I didn’t know how about either of those

My webpage looks all weird on mobile though, I just realize. Do you know how I can maybe fix that?

Thanks again!

Your background image is 2500x1147px, a standard width that you could resize it to would be 1920px. It’s just good practice not to render unnecessarily large images, for a number of good reasons.

As for your second question, you want to research css media queries, this changes your CSS rules depending on (among other things) the size of the client screen.

All the best! Just keep disassembling and reassembling!

Ahh, makes sense about the large image then. I resized it down to about 800px and then stretched out the width to 100%.

Media queries, got it. I’ll do some research on that. Trial and error pretty much.

Thanks for all the help! I really love this community, very helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks again man

The page looks great, I really like the image you have used for the title of the page. I had are no problems with the navigation of the site and it will look even better with some projects to display.
JI noticed that portfolio was spelt wrong on your navigation bar and also on the actual portfolio.
You have done a great job. :slight_smile:

Great thank you! I really like the picture as well and the color scheme I used for it, haha. It will certainly look better once I start on some projects.

Oops, thanks for catching that spelling mistake - those get overlooked so easily. Thanks again :slight_smile: !

Your welcome, glad I could help.:slightly_smiling_face: