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Hey I know I’ve posted here before, but would love feed back about the site. I used media qs so it will resize at diffrent break points to look good on both moblie and desktop, also change heights on certain things. Any feed back is welcome, also any ways to make it look much nicer would be great!





Heading design looks good. You need to fix the line height though. I’m on mobile and the line breaks and its vertical space is too much.

Have you though of giving the nav links some animation to scroll to the section? Would be cool.

There’s a typo down in the contact section. You say you used Java instead of Javascript (two different things).

Good work!

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I like it. The portfolio page is simple, but it gets the job done. A few things I saw:

  1. Your id for page 3 should be moved up 1 div. When you click the link you have it goes to the wrong level.
  2. Some of you CSS is styled inline instead of separately. Why did you decide to do this?
  3. On your about this page, what part of your page is made from Java? I would be careful saying something like that, but maybe I’m just not seeing it.
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thank you! I will fix those things.

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I styled some css inline b/c I was trying out some graphical layout with single words, but it didn’t really work, and I should remove that and update the CSS. Great catch! Thank you!