Please Kindly Criticize My Portfolio

Hello everyone, I am not that good at web development, so I kindly ask your opinions on my portfolio. I tried my best in putting everything I had learned from freeCodeCamp into practice and make it mobile responsive. I thank all of you in advanced :smiley:!


I like it. My only criticism is the font size in your “About Me” section. I would increase the size and the spacing.

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I see thanks for your response. I will take note of it.

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It is a nice one but I wish you Change the social media links to link to your profile rather than taking me the social media site.

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I haven’t set up all the accounts yet when I did I will change them. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my work by the way :smiley:

You are welcome @oswinhakim10

Looking good!


  • more consistency (border radius around inputs and buttons)
  • increased whitespace between text (line height)
  • user action feedback (hover of projects and buttons)
  • links in the footer lead to real accounts

Keep up the good work!

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Looks great, here’s some feedback feel free to disagree.
Like your portfolio boxes, they look like mac monitors.

Green overlay on first image makes it look muted, go for another colour.

All the best.

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Very nice. That is a good looking page.

Don’t have too much to add. I would caution against making the font size that small at lower screen sizes. People already on a device with a small screen will have a hard time reading the text. You can still use the root font size and rem “trick” to help with the responsiveness, you just need to make sure you don’t make the font size too small.

I’d also suggest lowering or removing some of the left/right padding at lower screen sizes to let the elements take up more of the available horizontal space. One option is to use the vw unit for the left/right padding so it’s in relation to the viewport width. That way you do not have to make any changes inside media queries. You can also look into the calc() function for dynamic changes.

Great work, keep it up.

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Thanks for the ideas, I will try to implement them :smiley:

I also think that the colors are not that suitable, however I just can’t seem to find the right colors. I am not that good at designing things :neutral_face: but after I finished the JS section of freeCodeCamp I will try to learn UI/UX design. Thanks for the insights.

Thanks for taking the time criticizing my work, I will work on them on the weekend :smiley: