Feedback for my Portfolio-V2.0

Hello I completed last project in responsive web design-Portfolio.
It took me 5 hours and most of the time I spend looking how to make everything work great.
This is my 3rd portfolio lol.
But it is similar to second version but a lot better looking.
Please rate it from 1-10 and if you have any feedbacks I would be glad to hear them.

Well done! Looks like you have already built a good number of projects.
Here are my two cents.

  1. Your title should go between the links of the navbar.
  2. The buttons for your projects : give them same alignment like the one for Landing Page where it’s on a new line with horizontally centered.
  3. Try making the images the same sizes.
  4. My skills: Instead of confining them into a small width in the center, how about make them fluid and stretch them inside your container and give small margins on the edges?

Good luck!

Thanks you for feedback Shimphillip. I made a few changes, made buttons on its own line , made images from the projects the same size and gave the my skill section container-fluid so its bigger. I hope it looks better now.

You should try to make the website responsive:

  • The image of you and your younger self are too big on mobile.
  • The social networks icons are also really big.
  • The first image is way too stretched on mobile, try to use another approach rather than just stretching the image to fit the image into the page.

You made a few mistakes in English (I know you’re not a native English speaker), I’d suggest you to have someone to look over your bio on your website to check if everything is correct.

Looks good - I’ve got nothing to add to the comments above. I’d be happy to adjust some of your language for you so that the English sounds more natural - message me if you want some help with this.

try moving the content for the cards in projects section to below image

I think its really good though just keep going. You could try using font awesome for some of the icons instead of images. Or Devicon is really cool you should check it out.

  • home
  • add this to the links to make the the jump from section to section smoother.

    Wow. I’m a beginner hoping to become an EXCELLENT software developer. Honestly. HATS OFF TO YOU. I’ll go back to centering my img inside and div. And somehow making it responsive ofc.