Portfolio finished – feedback welcome

I’ve just finished my portfolio. Can’t tell how many hours it took…

The links lead to my existing portfolio website. The contact form doesn’t work – messages are sent but don’t arrive, probably due to some server problem.

Here is another link: http://www.studio.gridenko.com/fcc/portfolio/

Nice Job Sir!! Your work experience looks great also.

You can improve a little on the fonts, by reducing the size a bit and creating contrast in the type with font weight. Also the slideshow of the image can be made to fade a bit as currently it suddenly changes to the other image.

Just a few suggestions.

Thank you for your suggestions! I added some transition to the slideshow.

Great!. It still looks a bit fast though. You can try to fade it which will look nicer in my humble opinion.

I’ll try to make the pics fade out. Have to learn how to do it…

very nice job … i disagree with the first comment on reducing the font size though … i feel its just about right … while a lot of sites go with smaller fonts … if you read up on fonts its recommended to be a good 16px and up to possibly 20px reason being people like me lol in there 40s find reading smaller font sizes increasingly difficult and uncomfortable.

only a couple of things i see that could do with a tweak one the menu on small screens … it would be nice if that slid back up when you clicked on a selection eg click on portfolio go to portfolio and menu slides back up out of the way.
number two the Alex Gridenko studio text … on mobile this overflow off the menu … so possibly adjust size on small mobiles or remove it and just leave the logo

other than that very nice job

Thanks, John! I am over 40 myself and prefer larger text.

I’ve fixed the headline overflow on mobile – had to remove the logo. Will try to do something with the collapsed menu.

Yeah we can agree to disagree here. As there is a trade off involved with design and usability. Although a bit of reduced font size would look good. Not a lot though, as it will reduce readability.

I hate small fonts on many modern websites and constantly having to press Cmd+
So yes, we can agree to disagree :slight_smile:

No issues…
Keep on coding …:relaxed: