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Hi Guys,

I would like to have your feedback :

Happy Coding

Looks incomplete :frowning: . Huge fonts… poorly designed. It is worth it to put more effort into things before asking for a feedback.

It passes the tests which is the starting point. I do believe that the page could be improved upon. The design choices for the font sizes, font style, and the overall theme are lacking in appeal. I learned a good amount from this tutorial

Consider how someone who comes to look at your work professionally will view your portfolio. It is informal (which works for starters ), but it will end up hurting you later on. Try to make it as presentable as possible so that you do not have to re-do it later on.

I did not do this and am now putting in effort to re-do my portfolio amongst other projects. You can check them out below.

I hope this helps. You got style! you just got to make it have a consistent theme while maintaining design norms.
Best regards @mehdavikia ,


Merci ya l5ou for the freedback :wink:

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Thank you so much Ahmed for your constructive feedback. The video is a huge help.
I’ll put more effort the project to avoid as you said the come back.
Thank you again

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