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Hey guys, so I’m officially finished with the responsive web design section of freecodecamp. Honestly it was a lovely experience and I’m looking forward to the remaining courses. I would love some feedback on my portfolio as well as any of the projects in there. Thanks in advance :grin:

Its very nice. Your profile picture does not load though.

FCC profile button is not responsive on very small screens

This is just great though. Great division between sections and is something to take inspiration from.


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Thank you @michaelnicol , made some adjustments, as for the picture I’m not sure why it’s not showing but I’ll look into it.

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Hey @Matty, You can just copy your codepen links, for example: changing pen to full allows you to see the full view of the page. Example:
You can reference it in your code using an “a” tag.

<a href ="" target = "_blank">Tribute Page</a>

Alright, Thanks a lot !!

but I guess what I meant to ask is where did you get the links?.. for the previous projects??