This is my Personal Portfolio Website project- Please give me a feedback

Hi! I finally finish my Personal portfolio website, and I would love to get some feedback from you.

Here is the link:

Thank you so much for the support!

I ran the tests on your portfolio page and only one of them passes :thinking:.
You should make sure all your tests are passing before you focus too much on design.

As far as your current content and design:
The main content thing I noticed is that your “about me” section is just the phrase “a web developer”. While that is accurate, adding a couple sentences introducing yourself would help give the page a more personal feel. You could list the languages you have experience with, describe yourself a little, or talk about what you’re passionate about.
The overall design of the page is pretty good. I like the background picture you chose.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!, I will work in the content, and introduce myself better. I just ran the test and it shows me all of them passes, but maybe I am running it bad. Can you try it again please? And thank you very much again for take the time to check my project.


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I goofed. :man_facepalming: I was running the tribute page tests instead of the personal portfolio tests. Your page passes all the portfolio tests just fine.

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Don’t worry! It happened to me one time that I was developing the survey form. After 30 min I realize that I need to change the test. Thanks for your time!

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I am new to freeCodeCamp. Can you guide me about the challenges and the tests? I would like to get started with them.

Thank you,

@Saee-Gore, click on the 'Visit the Curriculum" link in the upper right.

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